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Past Work

Shutterstock TV Commercial
Winner "Best Use of Virtual Production" -  APA Ideas Awards
Creative Director

For Shutterstock's first live action TV commercial, Ana ideated and pitched an ambitious creative based around LED virtual production technology, used most famously on Disney's The Mandalorian. 


Sparked by the brand's new messaging, "What will you create with 100% Shutterstock?" the concept was built around a world made entirely from stock images, footage and 3D models, and inspired by collage art. Working with director Juriaan Booij and a talented team, an imaginative world was constructed in Unreal Engine. With this loaded onto the LED stage, the journey is captured almost entirely in-camera.


Using virtual production to create an interactive world for a TV commercial was a world-first and 100% Shutterstock has been nominated for two Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards. 

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