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Anastasia - Producer & Filmmaker

Ana is a producer and filmmaker from the dodgy end of Kent. Naturally her deepest wish is to buy a château, fill it with antiques and host revolutionary dinner parties. 

She has developed and produced creative content for brands such as IKEA, Canva, Honda, Bumble, Maersk, Condé Nast and many others. Her first foray into Creative Directing, a TVC for Shutterstock, won an APA Ideas Award, which was really very kind, thank you.

In her earlier career, she worked at Disney, the BBC, Neal Street Productions & other UK Indies, developing drama for film & TV. This lasting love for narrative content has resulted in several short films and a web series. Her latest short film Caged was shot in 2023 and is now beginning its festival run.

In 2024 she is founding her own media company Rebel Muse Studios, to produce inspiring stories for film, TV & events that empower audiences. This includes two feature length projects, one of which won Best Feature Script at the 2021 Paris International Film Festival (merci beaucoup), and a limited dramedy series.

There is an economic crisis going on though, so Ana still freelances. If you have an interesting brief and decent coffee, she's always keen to hear about it.

Other important things

Fluent in French.

Self-shooting & editing.

BA Hons (1st Class) from Bournemouth University.

Favourite films;

Inception, The Secret Garden, Mamma Mia, The Devil Wears Prada, Titanic, Poor Things.

Favourite TV;

Glow, The Great, Outlander, Handmaids Tale,

I May Destroy You, Schitt's Creek, Gavin & Stacey.

Divisive Opinions:

Marmite lover. Cat person. Red wine over white.

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