The Confessional - Digital Web Series

Welcome to The Confessional. What would you like to confess today?

Hit app The Confessional has been voted Best New Wellness App 2020. Celebrities are raving about it.


Simply tell the revolutionary AI technology your darkest secrets and feel the instant relief of forgiveness.  

Thousands of followers, a slick Instagram page, inspirational quotes... It is even has its own ad campaign and hashtag series #HumansoftheConfessional. 

But what if you look at its Tagged images? 

It appears The Confessional has been hacked and users' secrets leaked to the world. 

Not so secret now... 

Guardian Date Breach Headline (1).png
BBC Breaking News mockup.png

Promoted with fake news stories.

Nine confessions, nine episodes.

You decide who is guilty and who is a victim.

The Confessional is a completely fictional interactive web series created and directed by Ana to keep busy during the lockdown of 2020.

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