A list of current projects. 


'Let It Rock' - a biopic of Vivienne Westwood, primary school teacher turned Punk Queen and fashion icon. 

'Tassels' - a troupe of Burlesque dancers are left stranded in French village, causing a small revolution.

'Amazons' - an adaptation exploring the origins of the Women Warriors and their role in the Trojan War. 

'Muses' - the immortal Muses (of Greek Mythology fame) move into a house share in Brixton, intent on finally getting the credit they deserve.


'Tribeswomen' - the first in a trilogy of novels based on Celtic mythology. 

Three generations of women, from three different tribes, are linked by their relationships to Hatalia, a troubled queen. The Immortals, long exiled from the realm and believed dead, have marked her for their puppet. All those who cross Hatalia's path will be dragged into their plot, whether she wishes it or not.


'Head vs Heart' - Set inside a young woman's brain, Head and Heart are usually the best of friends, until this harmony is thrown off by anxiety and the effects of a toxic relationship. It is a candid look at mental health, proving that a battle between head and heart is often the biggest challenge.