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Projects in Development & Pre-Production

For one-pagers or script samples, please get in touch.
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In Development

WINNER Best Feature Script

Paris Art & Movie Awards 2021

A troupe of burlesque dancers are left stranded in a rural French village, and unwittingly cause a small revolution.

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In Development


Based on short film with over 11M YouTube views.

Asylum seeking twin sisters are duped by human traffickers and must fight against their own warped psychology to escape.

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In Development

In early development

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In Development

Comedy. Pilot script available.

NFT project

An historian discovers the Muses of Greek mythology are real, alive and responsible for everything mankind has ever created.

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Web Series
In Development

Coming Soon

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In Development

In early development

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Short Film
In Pre-Production

Open funding link & more info:

France, 1945: An African Goddess finds a British soldier wandering her forest. She tries to save his life, but he's determined to get his head ripped off. 

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In Development


Head and Heart do battle inside a young woman's brain, as she navigates the effects of gaslighting on her mental health.

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